Residential Programs for Children

For children struggling with a mental health challenge severe enough to require removal from the home by county-based Children & Youth Services or Juvenile Probation, Beacon Light offers a variety residential programs.

Some are long-term and others short-term, but all are designed to provide the highest levels of treatment individuals involved. Residential treatment is the most intensive of all Beacon Light programs, and our broad range of settings ensures we can place a child in an environment that gives them the best chance for positive outcomes.


Beacon Light Children's Residential Services

Residential Treatment Facility

The First Street Residential Treatment Facility is Joint Commission accredited home for adolescents ages 12 to 18 who require therapy for their sexually maladaptive behaviors in a strength-based environment.
*Health & Safety Plan HERE

McKean County - Phone: 814-817-1400 ext. 1281


Specialized Therapeutic Residence For Intellectual and Developmental Empowerment (STRIDE)

The STRIDE program is a Joint Commission accredited residential program for children who have intensive needs requiring a longer length of stay in treatment.
*1st Street Bradford Health & Safety Plan HERE
*Kittanning Health & Safety Plan HERE

Beacon Light's STRIDE Southwest program is located in Kittanning, PA.

McKean, Warren & Armstrong counties - Phone: 814-817-1400 x1281


Youngsville Specialized Residential Treatment Program

The Youngsville Specialty Residential program is a specialized service for youth with a mental health diagnosis and intellectual/developmental disabilities who require intensive treatment and family-centered services to achieve reintegration back to their family and community. Length of stay in YSR is intended to be shorter duration than the STRIDE programs.
*Health & Safety Plan HERE

Warren County - Phone: 814-817-1400 x1281


Short-Term Adolescent Recovery (STAR)

The STAR program is a joint-commission accredited residential program for children ages 8 through 18 who have been removed from their homes due to a behavioral health diagnosis. The program is an intensive, maximum 90-day program with a strong family therapy component. Because of the importance of family involvement, only children living within a 2-hour radius of the programs are eligible for admission.
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McKean County - Phone: 814-817-1400 x1298 or x1357


Girls In Recovery Learning Strengths (GIRLS)

The GIRLS program is a joint-commission accredited residential program for female youth ages 13 through 18 who have a mental health diagnosis and are in need of intensive treatment.
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McKean County - Phone: 814-817-1400 x1281


Education Program

Beacon Light operates a privately licensed school program designed to provide education for children who have been unsuccessful in traditional classroom settings. This program offers the opportunity for academic success, and encourages students to value education and learning all within a safe, structured setting. Alternative education is available to children living in the community or in one of Beacon Light's residential programs. Additionally, Beacon Light offers a highly customized, autistic support classroom within the school.
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Beacon Light Academy - McKean County - Phone: 814-817-1372