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The phrase Beacon Light actually refers to two distinct companies: Beacon Light Behavioral Health System (BLBHS) and Beacon Light Adult Residential Services (BLARS). Together they provide mental health services to adults, children and families in both community-based and residential settings. Individually, BLARS primarily provides residential programs for adults, while BLBHS provides community-based and residential programs for children, as well as community-based programs for adults.

The Beacon Light companies are affiliates of Journey Health System, headquartered in Bradford, Pa. Both Beacon Light companies have facilities in Bradford, Warren, Ulster, McClure, and State College, Pa., while also serving clients from virtually every county throughout the state.

Other affiliates of Journey Health System include: Stairways Behavioral Health, Dickinson Center, Inc., Forest Warren Mental Wellness Association, Deerfield Behavioral Health, and LOCUS Solutions.



Beacon Light Behavioral Health System's administrative offices are located at
Custer City Private School, 945 South Ave., Custer City, PA 16725 •

Beacon Light Adult Residential Service's administrative offices are located at
800 East Main Street, Bradford, PA 16701 •