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For individuals dually diagnosed with an intellectual and developmental disability, Beacon Light offers a variety residential programs.

Some are long-term and others short-term, but all are designed to provide the highest quality of life for the individuals involved. Beacon Light employs a wide range of skilled staff in roles from psychiatry to nursing to therapy to direct care to work one-on-one with adults in these programs.


Beacon Light Adult Residential Services

Community Stabilization and Reintegration Unit (CSRU) The Community Stabilization and Reintegration Unit is a residential program that treats individuals 18 years or older. The goal is to increase independence in personal skills, home skills, community skills, and social skills, while managing challenging behaviors that result from co-occurring intellectual developmental disabilities and mental health conditions.

Serving multiple central Pennsylvania counties - Phone: 570-415-0510, Fax: 570-415-0511

Ramsbottom Center ICF/IDD Program Beacon Light operates 3 residential cottages on the main campus in Bradford, PA. These homes each house up to 8 individuals diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

McKean County - 814-817-1400

Adult Waiver Homes Beacon Light operates multiple Waiver homes in McKean County. These homes are for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who can live semi-independently and require a limited amount of on-site care.

McKean, Warren counties - 814-817-1400

Fairweather Lodge The Fairweather Lodge program is provided by the Forest Warren Mental Wellness Association. The Fairweather Lodge is a nationally-recognized program to provide individuals with affordable housing and work while they are on their journey of recovery from mental illness or addiction.

Warren County - 814-817-1400

Community Residential Rehabilitation (CRR) Beacon Light operates Community Residential Rehabilitation houses for both men and women in Warren and McKean counties. These programs provide long-term housing with around-the-clock staffing for individuals with serious mental illness.

McKean, Warren counties - 814-817-1400


Beacon Light operates its CSRU program in McClure, PA • 570-415-0510