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Community Based Mental Health

BHRSCA (Wraparound)

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services for Children and Adolescents

Unique counseling and intervention services provided to children and their families in their homes, communities and schools in McKean County. This flexible program wraps services around the client and their family in order to keep children with behavioral and emotional problems within their natural settings. Wraparound is used when more traditional forms of therapy, such as Outpatient Therapy, have proven unsuccessful or inappropriate to meet the needs of the youth and their family. All families are afforded the opportunity to participate in service planning meetings where the family, service providers, and school representatives collaborate to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes. Referrals can be made for youths up to 21 years of age by parents/guardians, teachers, physicians, therapists, or school personnel.

Wraparound Offices

McKean County: 814-817-1400


School Based Behavioral Health

The Student Assistance Program teams identify students who are struggling with issues that impact their success at school. When a student could use more support than SAP offers, a referral is made to the School Based Counselor.

The SAP team will contact parents to get permission for students to be seen by the counselor.

If permission is given, the counselor will meet with your student to get some background information and complete an assessment. The counselor will provide a diagnosis and work with you to develop a treatment plan.

Parents are encouraged to keep in regular contact with the counselor through phone or by

attending sessions along with their student.

A Professional Counselor with a Master’s Degree is available to meet with your child at school. She is employed by Beacon Light Behavioral Health Systems, but will work closely with staff at your child’s school including members of the Student Assistance

Program core team.

This program is currently offered in the Clearfield, DuBois, and Warren Area School Districts. 


Family Based Mental Health

Family Based Mental Health is a short-term intensive service that is designed to help families who are struggling with managing children’s emotions and behaviors. Many times, our clients are on the verge of being placed outside the home for treatment or are transitioning home from a more intensive placement.

FBMH can:
- Respond to crisis in the home or the community 24hrs per day
- Assist in advocating for the child and asessing community services
- Teach family members how to talk to each other to solve problems
- Help parents set positive expectations for their families
- Guide parents in keeping clear boundaries for the household
- Build on the family’s strengths to meet goals for treatment

Family Based Mental Health Offices:

Warren, PA: 814-584-1140

Bradford, PA: 814-817-1400


Multi-systemic Therapy (MST)

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is a unique, goal-oriented, strengths focused, comprehensive treatment program designed to serve multi-problem youth in their community. MST is for youths between the ages of 12 and 17 who are at risk of out-of-home placement. MST is the only family-focused and community-based treatment program that has been the focus of several major research studies and has demonstrated clinical and cost effectiveness for youth with complex emotional, social and academic needs.

MST Involves:
- Complete functional assessment of the child in the context of their family, school and community to determine the child’s problems and what contributes to them.

- Helping parents address the needs of their child more effectively and with a long-term focus.

- Various Services including: family therapy, marital therapy, individual therapy with parents/caregivers, chemical dependency treatment, etc.

Multisystemic Therapy Office:

Bradford, PA 814-817-1400


Peer Support Services

What is Peer Support?
Peer support services are structured activities for adults age 18 and older diagnosed with mental illness, provided by a Certified Peer Specialist. The program is an individualized, recovery-focused service that allows individuals the opportunity to learn to manage their own recovery and advocacy process from others living with mental illness who demonstrate ongoing success in their recovery.

→ → Click here to view our Continuous Quality Improvement Plan for Peer Suppose Services

Who is Peer Support for?
Peer support is intended for those presenting with mental illness that require, and are likely to respond to, therapeutic intervention. Individuals who have the capacity for participation in an individualized plan of care directed towards improving life skills and who are receptive to services in an unstructured environment without professional presence are appropriate.

Peer Support may be appropriate for individuals experiencing difficulties in the following areas:
- Is receiving or has recently received crisis intervention services
- Is experiencing functional problems in the home, community, church, school, job or volunteer activity.
- Is experiencing money management problems as a result of their ongoing mental illness.
- Would benefit from self advocacy skills to decrease dependency on more formal mental health systems.
- Would benefit from peer modeling in order to take increased responsibility for his/her own recovery.
- Needs peer supports in order to maintain a routine of daily living skills.
- Service prescriptions average between 2.5 to 5 hours weekly.

What are the benefits?
Peer support interventions focus on helping those with mental illness become as independent as possible. Interventions of peer specialists can help to improve the following:
- Coping Skills
- Accessing Natural Supports
- Re-entry into the community following hospitalization.
- Personal Safety
- Confidence Building
- Goal Identification and Achievement
- Communication Skills
- Boundary Setting
- Planning

McKean County:  814-817-1400

Warren/Forest Counties: 814-723-1832

Elk/Cameron Counties:  814-772-2005 xt. 422

Potter County:  814-274-8651

Mobile Medication Management

The Mobile Medication Program is a program providing services in:

Cameron County

Clearfield County

Forest County

Jefferson County

Warren County
Centre County

It is a voluntary, community delivered service for adult Health Choices eligible consumers.  

It is for adults 18 years of age and older with a serious mental illness that experience difficulties progressing toward recovery due to the inconsistent adherence to a prescribed medication regimen.

The Mobile Medication Program is a recovery focused service that allows individuals to be educated about their medications and trained to develop skills to manage their medication effectively in order to control symptoms and increase community tenure.

Members of the team will act as a liaison between the prescriber and the consumer to help establish better communication and to help integrate the consumer back to an outpatient setting where they will advocate more effectively for themselves with their prescribing clinician.

The Mobile Medication Team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.



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