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S.T.A.R. - Short-Term Adolescent Recovery

The Short-Term Adolescent Recovery (S.T.A.R.) program is a short-term, strengths’ based, therapeutic residential program. The intensive services, including weekly to twice weekly psychiatric care, 24 hour nursing care, intensive individual, group and family therapies and onsite educational services are designed to meet the needs of youth and community safety, while diverting the need for inpatient hospitalization care of youth who have a psychiatric mental health illness and are experiencing difficulties functioning within a community setting.

The Short-Term Adolescent Recovery program is intended to provide direct support to individuals who are experiencing or who are at risk of an exacerbation of the symptoms of their mental health illness. Simultaneously, the program is designed to work intensely with families to strengthen the home environment. The intention is to stabilize the youth and then assist with a successful transition between levels of care with the desired goal being a return to the youth’s home community as quickly as possible, diverting the need for inpatient hospitalization and long-term residential care.

S.T.A.R. is appropriate for individuals who meet the following criteria:
- 7-18 years of age

- Mental Health Diagnosis
- Experiencing Difficulty
- Require Immediate Care
- Live within a 2-hour radius of the treatment facility

For Referrals:

STAR McKean - Bradford, PA

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Phone: 1-814-817-1310
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STAR South-Central - McClure, PA
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