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Our Mission...

To advocate passionately for the individuals and families we serve.


Our Commitments...

We will strive to recognize and support the ability of every individual and family to change.
We will strive to recognize the strengths of every individual and family and help them build on those strengths.
We will strive to respect each individual we come in contact with, including clients, consumers, families and staff.
We will strive to take personal responsibility for all of our actions and interactions each and every day.
We will strive to be responsible stewards of our financial resources recognizing them as community given.
We will strive to provide safe, respectful, and healing environments.
We will strive to create flawless and consistent processes.
We will strive to build and maintain educational environments that provide every individual and opportunity to learn.
We will strive for permanency in the lives of those we serve.
We will strive to support full participation in community life for every individual we serve.