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Becoming a Foster Parent

Who can be a foster parent?

Foster Parents must be at least 21 years old, may be married or single, and are encouraged to have some experience with children. Being a parent is not required. Foster Parents must have a background free of violent or abusive crimes or any crime against a child. References are required. Foster parents must be in good health. At least one parent must have a driver's license and fully insured car.

The home or apartment shall meet safety standards established by the state's foster care regulations, and must be insured. A home study will be conducted.

Foster parents are important members of the treatment team, working to give care, guidance, and a safe environment to a child placed in a foster home. Beacon Light will provide families with training and ongoing support. Children and families will be “matched” by the Treatment Foster Care director, who will determine the right child for each household. Children's needs are carefully considered with the foster family's abilities, interests and lifestyle, in order to promote a successful experience.

If the following describes you and you can offer a child these qualities and capabilities, give Beacon Light a call.

* Parents must be dependable, nurturing, and willing to work on treatment goals
* Availability to transport children to appointments and family visits
* Strong, stable, and structured home environments
* A willingness and ability to follow agency policies and guidelines
* Willing to support the child's emotional relationship with their family of origin

Compensation is currently $19,800 per year. Tax Free!!!